August 22, 2017


Pictures by Milla Kuoksa

Blazer/Andiata, Bag/Prada, Jeans/Levi's, Top/&OtherStories, Rings/Andiata

I was so happy to meet up with my favourite Lapland girl Milla in the beginning of this week. Such a sweet and happy girl - real miss sunshine. This summer has gone away as a lightning as there has been so much work. Unfortunately that has taken a lot of my spare time and there has not been too much time for anything else than work.

90s vibes. I decided to take a three sizes too big blazer and style it with a crop top and mom jeans. Without forgetting the Prada bag that really is around 20 years old. Feeling lucky again that my mom was smart enough to save it after all this time. Now it feels more cool than ever. xx

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