June 24, 2017

Market day

Pictures by Nea Nieminen

Sunday has officially become my market day. Markets are a must here in Paris - so cute and packed with all kinds of goods. I have three different places I usually go to. 
1. The first one is the one right next to my house which is called Marche du Saint-HonorĂ©: relatively small and quite pricy, if I feel lazy I'll take this one. 
2. The other one is the biggest & cheapest at Bastille - they are open each Sunday and Tuesday. You can find literally anything there. I'll be coming home with a pain with my back as I always end up buying too much things there. 
3. For a fancier Sunday when I want to buy some bio products and really good bread, I head to the bio Market of Boulevard Raspail. Take the potato cheese crepe there, the market is known for that (you can't avoid seeing the line). 

The sales has started at the web shop of Andiata. This top and pants can be found -30% there, I really recommend to take a look. The shade of this khaki green is just perfect! Link to the products above.

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